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Copper Wire

Copper wire is used for production of electric cables wire (ASTM B49-78; JISC-3102).

Copper wire technology data:

  1. Diameter: 8.00mm (tolerance + 0.38mm).
  2. Tensile Strength: 25Kg/mm2 (Max).
  3. Elongation: 35% (Min).
  4. Conductivity at 200C: 100% of IACS (Min).
  5. Sp. Gravity: 8.90.
  6. Purity: 99.90% (Min).

The surface of wire is wax coated, bright and completely free any black stain. The wire shall be free of imperfection not consistent with good commercial practice. After drawing the wire the satisfy the requirement of JISC–3102 for annealed wire and JISC–3102 for un annealed (hard drawn) wire.

Packing: The material is supplied in sea worthy export packing and, in compact jumbo coils. All coils pickled & protectively wax coated to prevent further oxidation. Stores should be securely packed in jumbo coils banded with steel wire strapping to ensure safe transit by sea, truck / rail. Each coil wrapped with two layers of waterproof polythene plastic & then packed in hard wooden pallets.

Copper clad steel wire specifications and features:

Gauge NO. Wire size Size inch Thermal glass Packing info
40 0.122mm 0.0048 Inch 155 0.5Kgs net on Steel or Wooden Reels
41 0.112mm 0.0044 Inch 155
42 0.102mm 0.0040 Inch 155
43 0.0914mm 0.0036 Inch 155

Resistance: V.mm2/m < 0.54 Max.
Tensile Strength: 220 - 345Mpa.
Technique: Hot Dipped.
Function: Binding wire Color: Golden or copper clad steel wire.

Copper Clad Steel WireCopper Clad Steel Wire

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