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Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire technology info:
Aluminum wire is often used for electrical purpose conforming to (ASTM B233-85).

  1. Diameter: 9.5mm (tolerance + 0.51mm).
  2. Temper: H-14 & H-24 (ASTM B233–85).
  3. Tensile Strength: 103 – 38N/mm2.
  4. Volume Resistivity at 200C: 0.028080 Ohm-mm2/M.
  5. Conductivity: 61.4% of IACS.
  6. Purity: 99.5% (Min).

The aluminum wire is clean, sound, smooth and free of pipes laps, cracks, kinks, twists, seams, damaged end, excessive oil and other injurious defects within limits of good commercials practice.

After drawing the wire can satisfy the requirement of ASTM B230–85. BS2627 for production of overhead conductors as per ASTM B232-86 & BS215.

Packing: The material is packed in coils in wooden pallets with water proof polythene inside and hard board paper handed with 4 (four) steel strips across the coil and side wrapping of water repellent jute wrapping, securely tied with 3 (three) nylon strips to ensure safe transit by sea.

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